Air quality AQI monitor
Air quality AQI monitor
空气质量AQI监测仪 Product name: Air Quality AQI Monitor
MS80-AIR Product model: MS80-AIR
Product introduction:

MS80-AIR is a high-end multi-function miniature weather station monitor with built-in air pump and high-sensitivity sensors imported from the original. The measurement is accurate and stable. The instrument is equipped with a high-capacity internal storage function. Widely used in the field of air quality monitoring. The instrument can be used to detect a single gas or multiple gases. The combined instrument can simultaneously detect two, three, four, and five different gases. The temperature and humidity parameters can be detected simultaneously.

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MS80-AIR main features
采用原装进口针对大气环境检测而开发的高分辨率传感器+英国原厂推荐信号处理电路(ISB),实现ppb级分辨率; Using imported high-resolution sensors developed for atmospheric environment detection + British original recommended signal processing circuit (ISB) to achieve ppb resolution;
专利四电极传感器补偿测量方式+自适应智能软件算法,有效解决温度和湿度对检测结果的影响; Patented four-electrode sensor compensation measurement method + adaptive intelligent software algorithm, effectively solve the impact of temperature and humidity on the detection results;
内置气体选择性透过纳米膜,配合差分软件算法,有效解决了O3和NO2的交叉干扰,使检测结果更加真实有效; Built-in gas selectively penetrates the nano-membrane and cooperates with differential software algorithm to effectively solve the cross interference between O3 and NO2, making the test result more real and effective
采用瑞士原装进口超高精度SO2传感器,有效解决市面上反馈SO2数据不稳定问题; Using ultra-high precision SO2 sensor imported from Switzerland to effectively solve the problem of unstable SO2 data on the market;
全自动温度、湿度补偿技术,测量数据真实有效; Fully automatic temperature and humidity compensation technology, the measurement data is true and effective;
支持RS485/网络远程参数设置、校准; Support RS485 / network remote parameter setting and calibration;
仪器内置抽气泵,将气体主动抽入检测,相对被动自由扩散响应更加迅速; ♦ The instrument has a built-in suction pump, which actively draws gas into the test, and responds more quickly than passive free diffusion;
整机符合EMC设计标准,超强抗电磁干扰能力,适用于各种复杂工业现场; ♦ The whole machine complies with EMC design standards, has strong anti-electromagnetic interference ability, and is suitable for various complex industrial sites;
AC220V供电使用; AC220V power supply;
仪器自带存储功能,可存储数据60000条以上,存储频率以秒为单位随意设定; ♦ The instrument comes with a storage function, which can store more than 60,000 data, and the storage frequency can be set arbitrarily in seconds;
工业级彩屏显示,图文引导式软件操作菜单,支持中英文菜单切换; Industrial-grade color screen display, graphic-guided software operation menu, support Chinese and English menu switching;
机身喷砂氧化铝合金外壳,耐磨耐腐蚀,适用于各种恶劣环境。 ♦ The body is made of sand-blasted anodized aluminum alloy, which is wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant, suitable for various harsh environments.
Technical index
Numbering Detection factor Molecular formula / abbreviation Detection range Resolution sensor Detection principle
1 Nitrogen dioxide NO2 0-1 ppm 0.001 ppm Imported from the UK Electrochemical
2 ozone O3 0-2 ppm 0.001 ppm Imported from the UK Electrochemical
3 Sulfur dioxide SO2 0-1 ppm 0.001 ppm Imported from Switzerland Electrochemical
4 Carbon monoxide CO 0-200 ppm 0.01 ppm Imported from Switzerland Electrochemical
5 TVOC TVOC 0-100 ppm 0.01 ppm Imported from the UK PID photoion
6 temperature Temp -40 ~ 100 ℃ 0.1 ℃ Imported from Switzerland Digital sensor
7 humidity RH 0-100% RH 0.1 RH Imported from Switzerland Digital sensor
8 Wind speed WS 0-30 m / s 0.1 m / s - Digital sensor
9 wind direction WD 16 bearings - - Digital sensor
10 noise Noise 0-120 dB 0.1 dB - Digital sensor
11 PM2.5 PM2.5 0-1000 ug / m3 1 ug / m3 - laser sensor
Installation method: wall-mounted, column-type, tube-holding type Accuracy: ≤ ± 5%
Repeatability: ≤ ± 3%
Zero drift: ≤ ± 3% (FS / year)
Response time: ≤5 seconds (T90)
Recovery time: ≤10 seconds. Interface display: 2.0-inch high-definition industrial color screen. Data storage: stored once every 5 seconds, 5 years. Alarm output: output sound + light alarm signal output: user can decide according to actual requirements
GPRS 无线远传,《HJ 212-2017 污染物在线监控(监测)系统数据传输标准》,可直接将检测数据上传到当地环保局数据监测平台 a. GPRS wireless remote transmission, "HJ 212-2017 Pollutant Online Monitoring (Monitoring) System Data Transmission Standard", which can upload test data directly to the local environmental protection bureau data monitoring platform
b. RS485 digital signal output, connect RS232 adapter card to store data on the computer (optional function)
c. 1 group of relay output: passive electric shock capacity 220VAC 3A or 24VDC 3A (optional function)
d. Alarm signal output: on-site audible and visual alarm, alarm sound:> 110 dB case material: carbon steel + baking paint, explosion-proof anti-corrosion protection level: IP65
JJF1172-2007,DB 44/T 1947-2016,HJ 212-2017 Executive standards: JJF1172-2007, DB 44 / T 1947-2016, HJ 212-2017
Working temperature: -20 ℃ ~ + 60 ℃ (special requirements need to be customized)
10%-90%RH,无凝露 Operating humidity: 10% -90% RH, no condensation
Working voltage: AC 220V
Maximum power consumption: ≤25W
Working pressure: ≤200Kpa
526×440×255mm(L×W×H) Dimensions: 526 × 440 × 255mm (L × W × H)
Weight: about 20Kg
Quality guarantee: one year warranty, free repair within two years, lifetime maintenance (Professional technical research and development team provides you with the most complete service and solves any technical problems for you)
Others: Customized functions can be developed according to the actual detection environment
红外遥控器,粉尘过滤器 Basic configuration <br /> Instruction manual, product certification, product warranty card, infrared remote control, dust filter
局域网数据监测PC软件,DTU, PID传感器配件备用长寿命采样泵 Optional configuration <br /> Standard gas, LAN data monitoring PC software, DTU, PID sensor accessories, spare long-life sampling pump
Instrument size chart

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